Amazing Glaze®
• Boeing Approved, D6-17487
• Extends Paint Life by 50 -100%,
• UV protection
• Easy application
• Brightens and shines
• Slick surface…increased fuel
• Contaminates and Pollutants
    don’t stick/adhere to surface
• Whites stay white
• Colors - especially darker
• Retains original brightness
• Less surface adhesion for airborne
• Safe, ‘Green’ 100% VOC Free
• H2O Based Version available
Other Green Seal™

How It Works......

Amazing Glaze® is a flouro-polymer based paint sealant with powerful additives that allow it to bond to painted surfaces. This unique formulation provides long-lasting paint protection and color preservation as well as an unsurpassed deep surface shine. The products multiple molecular properties provide maximum protection by "sealing" the pigment topcoats and clear coats of paints with a crystal clear coating. The proprietary formula has evolved and improved from its original use in the commercial airline industry to the world’s leading premium paint sealant.  Amazing Glaze® is easily applied to most any vehicle in less than an hour, yet provides up to 5 years of protection. The vehicle appearance is simple to maintain – environmental contaminants, dirt and road grime are easily washed away leaving the paint in new like condition.  Amazing Glaze® can easily withstand today’s powerful soaps used in automatic carwashes.


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