Carpet Seal™
• Good for large area carpet
• Safe to apply
• No strong fumes
• VOC Emission Free
• Lasting Protection
• Environmentally Friendly
• Well suited for public areas
    commercial and government
    mass transit
Other Green Seal™

Total Carpet Protection

Keep the look and feel of your carpet new and clean with Carpet Seal™. Our environmentally compliant formula creates an undetectable shield of protection designed specifically for commercial high-use carpets while preserving the original look and feel. Normal carpet cleaning and maintenance is easy and  spills are easily wiped away without leaving a stain. Our proven carpet seal is available now in a safe to apply, H2O based formula with no VOC emissions. Annual coatings will provide cumulative protection for high wear areas. Applications are non disruptive and non evasive with no toxic irritating fumes and emissions.

Application Instructions:

  1. The surface to be treated should be clean and dry before using this product.
  2. Test by spraying an inconspicuous area to assure color fastness.
  3. Next spray Fabric Protector onto small sections of fabric at a time to assure even coverage.
  4. Allow fabric to dry completely before reusing.
Ask about our discount and distributor pricing for volume purchases.  We still have distributorships available in some countries worldwide. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE 
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