ComfortZone Seat Heaters
Seat Heaters

• Fits all models, no cutting
• Thermostatically controlled to
• Heat up time is 2-3 minutes or less
    to feel warmth.
• Mesh design allows flexibility and
    easy installation (spray glue,
    Velcro through mesh or hog ring).
• Quick installation time - less than
    1 hour
Other ComfortZone™

In-Seat Temperature Control Systems
ComfortZone™ In-Seat Temperature Control Systems deliver the maximum in comfort to most any vehicle seating. ComfortZone™ Seatheaters warm fabric, vinyl, and leather seats quickly and are easy to install.  Our ComfortZone™ System is manufactured in the USA and meet SAE and UL standards to assure every unit is durable and reliable, and each comes with a two-year limited warranty. Our 10+ year track record is testimony to our quality and performance. Contact us direct for the ultimate in reliable product design and vehicle seating comfort


Ask about our discount and distributor pricing for volume purchases.  We still have distributorships available in some countries worldwide.  CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE 
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