Water Based Products

In 2010 a ‘GREEN’ water based version of Amazing Glaze® – Amazing Glaze H20™ was introduced both to the automotive industry as well as the commercial airline industry.  The VOC free exterior paint formulation has 0% VOC emissions - no solvents.  It is good for the environment, and safe for employees to apply.  This environmentally friendly paint and surface protector is formulated using the same flouro-polymer based components and proprietary additives as the original Amazing Glaze®.  It is marketed under the GreenSeal™ brand.  The GreenSeal™ brand includes the water based versions of interior protective products for: Leather, Plastic and Complex Composites, Vinyl, Fabric and Carpet protectors.  The entire line has the same advanced commercial grade protective qualities and is well suited for both the airline and automotive industries or other environmental damage prone surface and paint applications.


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